Should you bring/rent a stroller?

PPeople are always second guessing whether or not they need to bring their stroller from home or even possibly rent a stroller when heading to Walt Disney World. There is a reason why you will see kids in strollers at WDW that would be well past the stroller stage in their regular life and that’s because there is an INTENSE amount of walking on a WDW vacation.

We have yet to experience at completely stroller free vacation and my kids are 10 and 7.5.  Our kids were way past strollers in real life but we brought our double stroller from home with us to all of our family trips to Disney up until my daughter was 8.5 and my son was 6.  This past trip in August we decided to rent a stroller since we didn’t own one anymore and my almost 10 year old daughter was definitely capable of walking.

We rented a single stroller from  ahead of our vacation online.  We rented a City Mini Single (we used to own the double version of this stroller so we knew it would still work out well for our 7 year old son).  My husband wasn’t sold on having a stroller at all, but in the end he was happy with my choice to rent because my son would have been a mess walking the whole trip and we were there for 12 days.  The rental process was excellent, I placed our reservation online, we picked up the stroller all ready for us at the bell desk upon check in at our resort and at the end of the trip we dropped off the stroller at the same bell desk location.  The stroller was new and clean and came with the all important rain cover for Orlando weather.  If you plan on renting a stroller I highly recommend this site and this stroller either in the single or double version.  This was is so convenient and will save you a ton of money versus renting in the park for the hard and  bulky strollers.      

If you are headed to WDW with kids under the age of 8 I would recommend bringing or renting a stroller.  It’s a lot of walking and is very exhausting for adult legs and feet and who wants to carry their 7 year old after a long day at the parks.  This choice can make or break your Disney trip especially if you child is constantly upset because they are tired from walking.