Heading to Disney…Should I Rent a Car?

Many Canadians fly into Orlando International Airport to begin their Walt Disney World vacation.  And many think they must incur the additional cost of renting a car for their WDW trip, but  I don’t agree and here is why.

When we drove to Disney last summer we parked our car at the resort and didn’t once get inside again for 12 days when we left for home and it was the best choice for several reasons.

Let’s start by assuming that you are flying and not driving and let’s assume you are staying at a Disney resort. You will get to the Orlando airport and have the ability to take the Magical Express bus free of charge.  You don’t even have to pick up your luggage, you just head to the Magical Express area of the airport and are assigned to a bus line to be transported to your resort in an air conditioned bus with a Disney intro movie showing you how much fun you will have on vacation, also on the way back to the airport when your vacation is over:( you will have the same magical express bus service free of charge.  Now that takes care of the major transportation to and from the airport.  

(My kids on the magical express heading home)

For your daily travel to and from the parks Disney has busses, monorails, boats and soon to be gondolas to transport you seamlessly to and from the parks, water parks and Disney springs all included in your stay at a Disney Resort.  If you were to rent a car and drive to each park yourself I would argue that you are taking yourself out of the “magic”.  When you are on the Disney transportation vehicles you are still immersed in the Disney magic but as soon as you get inside your own vehicle, whether  it be yours or a rental it feels like  a chore to drive there.  The roads in Disney can be somewhat difficult to navigate especially with the excess amount of construction they seem to always have on the go.  

When taking the monorail, boats and soon to be Gondolas it actually adds to your trip experience, you get to sit back and relax and watch the scenery.  The boats are really nice for adding to the experience for me at night.  The hotels are often lit up on the water and it’s a nice ending to your day if you are staying at one of the hotels on the boat transportation system.  The monorail is a great option as well with the system feeling like an additional ride to many.

Another consideration to renting a car is parking costs, while the theme park parking costs are included in your stay at a Disney world resort, it will now cost you anywhere from $13-24 dollars USD at night to park at your actual resort hotel.  When staying for 7 nights at a value resort that will cost you an addition $91 plus tax USD.  This is a large fee when you factor in the additional cost of renting the car in the first place.  Now if you are a Disney Vacation Club member or staying at a DVC property there is no charge for parking.  Consider booking a DVC property by renting DVC points check out that post for more information on renting here. https://disneyfamvacation.com/disney-vacation-club-rentals/

For us it’s a no brainer, we never ever consider renting a car, we didn’t even use our own personal vehicle when we drove.  We really enjoy the transpotation system and use it to it’s fullest.  Even now with the addition of the  Minnie Vans there is always an option to get around the park.  To read more about the Minnie Van service click here https://disneyfamvacation.com/minnie-van-service-review/