Magic Kingdom’s Centerpiece Statues

When you think of the Magic Kingdom you definitely think of Cinderella Castle as the centerpiece of the park and it certainly is, but there is another really cool centrepiece located right out front of the castle in the central hub area. Many people recognize the large statue with Walt and Mickey as a key point but a lot of people miss the 8 other statues surrounding them in the hub.

I have these pictures taken of my favourite little statues from 2007, they have since been slightly relocated when the hub construction took place but the feel is the same. These characters surround the head Mouse himself and his pal Walt Disney.

Donald Duck #1
Goofy pondering his life
Mickey’s Most Loyal Pal Pluto
Chip & Dale (Can you tell without the coloured noses?)
Visit Pinocchio here or his Village Haus
Everyone’s Favourite Elephant Dumbo
You’re Gonna Get Wet with Brer Rabbit in the Briar Patch
Last but certainly not least Minnie Mouse herself!

Next time you head to the Magic Kingdom make sure you check out these little gems, if you have already which one is your favourite one?

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